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Fears & phobias
Woman Sleeping

Sleep rest is important for the body to recharge and heal. Lack of sleep can alter the happiest person when struggling with lack of sleep, we all need rest.

Stress can have adverse effects with how you think, react and function. Long periods of stress can be damaging to the body. Help manage triggers and learn better control.

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Managing tension
Pain management

Tension can lead to many complaints from the body. This can impact your family and social life. Learn ways on how to release. 

Pain can be debilitating, don't let pain wear you down.

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Fears & Phobias

Whether performance to improve muscle growth, endurance and strength.

Or increase your focus and motivation to achieve your project goals.

Don't let social or emotional fears affect your everyday life. Take control and break through this feeling.

Workplace wellness
Casual Business Meeting

Workplace Anxiety Stress Management is important for health & wellbeing. Stress can impact both staff and employer.  Our workplace tools are tailored at improving health & wellness.  Helping individuals understand new ways to reduce the negative implications of heightened stress on the mind and body.  People are often operating in a constant state of stress arousal due to increased demands and widening portfolios, often putting off seeking help until symptoms take a strong hold. Increased cortisol (stress hormone) can remain in the body without being fully aware and potentially impact overall health. Workplace anxiety stress management has two complimentary objectives. Employees learn self tools to re-refocus and provide space between a situation and reaction along with reducing stress.  The employer benefits with improved staff relationships, productivity, attendance, as well as providing a duty of care. Both receiving a healthier working environment by decreasing in work-life conflict with guided techniques.

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Weight loss center

tailored Weight Programs


Virtual Gastric Band

A Gastric Band is a type of weight loss surgery where a band is placed around the upper part of the stomach. Saline solution is injected into the band to inflate it. The small stomach pouch is then limited to the amount of food it can hold at one time. This reduces hunger as when you eat you have a sense of fullness quicker and lowers the amount of food being eaten. This procedure is carried out in a hospital clinic and requires anaesthesia from an anaesthetist along with a surgeon and surgical team. The procedure can take up to an hour to be fitted and comes with risks associated with any medical surgery.


The Virtual Gastric Band under Hypnosis is an extremely effective way of weight release. There is no need to pay expensive charges to cover Hospital Theatre, Surgeon, Anaesthetist or Surgical staff.

Major benefit with Virtual Gastric Band is no recovery time, discomfort or the need to take time of work.

Your Hypnotherapist will explain the procedure and under hypnosis, you will go into a very nice state of relaxation feeling comfortable at all times. Whilst under hypnosis the hypnotherapist will proceed to fit a Gastric Band into the top part of your stomach (virtually).

virtual gastric.jpeg

The hypnotherapist will talk through the operation step by step.

A Virtual Gastric Band aims to change your eating habits and attitudes toward food, giving safe predictable results. Once the Gastric Band is in place your subconscious mind. and body operate as if your stomach is smaller than it actually is (the band having been ‘placed’ virtually around the top part of the stomach during hypnosis). Because of this we naturally begin to serve up smaller portions and become fuller quicker and satisfied. 

By reducing the amount of food we eat we are able to see positive weight reduction.  By having hypnosis carried out and believing a Virtual Gastric Band is in place the subconscious mind  becomes more aware of when we are actually satisfied, we won’t need to finish everything on our  plates.

The Virtual Gastric Band programme also supports the individual to make important lifestyle  changes such as including some exercise in each day, drinking more water and doing this naturally  whilst being in harmony with the mind and body.


Before undertaking any weight loss program or if you have medical health issues relating to weight, please consult your doctor for advice. Results may vary with each individual.