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My wife was worried about my weight and asked me to have hypnosis so I went along to a group session and was pleased I wasn’t the only bloke there. I've become more motivated as the weight fell off and I started moving more. My family is benefiting from the new me and Im feeling great.

Happy wife, happy life they say.
Thanks for helping me. Money well spent!

Cameron - Hamilton

Hello Ms Magic

Ive lost 4Kgs since I saw you. Still going down every week. Its incredible, its crazy, its outrageous.  I will be forever grateful x

Amanda - Rotorua

I didn’t have that much to lose and I felt if I went along and had my Hypnosis people might judge me, but it was opposite, I was welcomed and felt comfortable and Ive now reached my goal.


Nancy - Ohaupo

Its been hard for me with the weight I love sweets and any excuse with family or a social event Ill binge on sugar. I had sweets eliminated and although I still make the choice not to have them. It seems I have the will power I didn’t have before and I'm starting to see results. People are starting to comment on how great I look. THANK YOU sooo much.

David - Auckland

I would go to bed and lay awake for ages tossing and turning or I would go to sleep and then wake up and get so frustrated as I just wanted to go back to sleep. I was referred to Jennifer and since having my hypnosis I have slept half an hour later than usual and slept right through the night. Wake up in the morning refreshed so its been wonderful for me.  Thank you 

Barbara - Hamilton

I was sceptical whether I could be hypnotised but went along as my friend had given up smoking under hypnosis and it worked for her. Jennifers a genuinely nice lady,  made me feel at ease and got rid of any nerves I had. Really pleased I made the choice to go. Money ill save put toward a holiday.

Darius - Whangarei


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