My wife was worried about my weight and asked me to have hypnosis so I went along to a group session and was pleased I wasn’t the only bloke there. I've become more motivated as the weight fell off and I started moving more. My family is benefiting from the new me and Im feeling great.

Happy wife, happy life they say.
Thanks for helping me. Money well spent!

Cameron - Hamilton

Thank you, I was very stressed and started having issues sleeping feeling panicked, and tired. Had my session and from one session I feel amazing. Definitely see you again


Donna - Cambridge

I would go to bed and lay awake for ages tossing and turning or I would go to sleep and then wake up and get so frustrated as I just wanted to go back to sleep. I was referred to Jennifer and since having my hypnosis I have slept half an hour later than usual and slept right through the night. Wake up in the morning refreshed so its been wonderful for me.  Thank you 

Barbara - Hamilton

I was referred and so glad I went, Never thought hypnosis would help me the way it did.. Im feeling so much better about me which is taking some time to get use to.  This new me who is doing things I use to.

I had forgotten what it was like, Jennifer your a gift. Thank you 

Amie - Hamilton

Hello Ms Magic

Ive lost 4Kgs since I saw you. Still going down every week. Its incredible, its crazy, its outrageous.  I will be forever grateful x

Amanda - Rotorua

My Work organised Jennifer to come and provide a Workplace stress reduction. She explained the process really well which was interesting and put me at ease.  I felt as if the tension just melted away and was so relaxed after. Glad I went, needed it and would absolutely do it again.

Cathy - Hamilton

I am so grateful had booked the weight program and due to the lock down ended up online. Was worried about it working online. Have lost 4.7kgs, It's easy as you say just automatic. I'm not worrying about things and feel lighter in myself as well bonus. Thank you so much Jennifer for helping me through this time 

Jenny - Hamilton

 I met Jennifer at a time I was very depressed about being overweight.  My confidence is now back and so much more. Coping much better and my thoughts are positive where I feel really great.   

BUT...... best part is I have LOST 23KGS .

Thank you my Angel for coming into my life. Thank you so very much. 

Jeanette - Hamilton