Welcome to My Story.

My name is Jennifer Beck and I would like to share with you how I became a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Wellness Coach.  My story is one of personal struggle regarding my weight all my life.  Even when I was a trimmer me I still believed I needed to lose weight.  I look back now and identify with feeling uncomfortable as to why I kept questioning my appearance.  I had programmed myself to believe in this habit!

This got me thinking about my new direction in life and how I could change habits. Also at that time, I happened to chat with a lady whom I met at Hamilton Lake. She told me of her struggle with anxiety and with also trying to lose weight.

She expressed how sad she was and you could see this when she was talking. Mentioned if she had the money she would pay to get surgery done. This surprised me, as I wondered how many other people were considering a surgical procedure. But also the emotional aspect they feel. There must be another way, a less risky and cheaper alternative. Were their habits preventing them? This is where it started for me.

I had always worked for other people, very confident and extremely efficient in my roles which resulted in their company’s successes.


So I decided it was time to simply back myself and add to the many skills I had already learned over the years.

Trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, furthered to Advanced and now Registered. Recognised Certification Clinical Hypnotherapy Board (ICBH). Professional Member (CTAA).  Supervision Mentor for therapists and Professional Member (HNZ). Trainer & NLP Practitioner, Published Author, and Wellness Coach.  Australia & New Zealand Mental Health Association Member (ANZMHA).

For years been running successful weight loss centre, providing gastric band weight programs. stress, anxiety, personal development services to bring about behaviour changes to individuals and small groups. 

On premise workplace anxiety stress management, along with workplace wellness workshops - designed for business organisations. Improve employees wellness, attendance and reduce negative implications for in work and out of work conflicts with mindful strategies and techniques. 

Having the skills, knowledge and developed tool box, enables me to assist you to make lifestyle changes.

Extremely dedicated, with a sincere passion to help people......

There are many factors that impact peoples lives and everyone is not the same. 


Contact me today and well discuss in confidence the best service for you.